Associated Press Repair Inc. has 30 years experience in the Machine Repair Industry. With over 24,000 square feet, APR has the capability of efficiently tuning your metal working equipment. Within this area we house a complete Machine Shop, Weld Shop, and area for in house repair. Our structure, in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, allows us to be self-sufficient: Thus we are able minimize your down time as well as reduce your expenses.


Nested in our weld shop lies all necessities to Weld and Braze a multitude of different components. Using the proper rod along with keeping the material the right temperature, allows us to ensure a product that is durable as can be. Magnaflux testing is provided in order to detect any defects.

Quality workmanship is embedded in all facets of APR whether it is precision machining or heavy duty brazing, we take pride in that we have the knowledge and skills to get your machinery back up and running quickly.

Pick Up and Delivery Available. OSHA Compliant

Our objective is to provide a product that is turned over quickly with a fair price, yet maintain superior workmanship. We at APR truly believe in customer satisfaction.

Preventive Maintenance

Save money and down time by implementing a preventive maintenance program that starts with an in depth press inspection. Receive an in depth report that will help guide you.

On Site Service

On site service is available and provided for such things as clutch/brake adjustments, shrinking tie rods, and troubleshooting.